Many organizations around the world are dedicated to promote Plain Legal Language. Find the ones in your own country and do not hesitate to contact them to get resources or support!

  • American Society of Legal Writers

    An organization dedicated to promoting a clear, succinct and forceful style in legal writing. The Society’s journal, The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, has published many influential articles on plain language.

  • Australian Office of Parliamentary Counsel

    The government office responsible for drafting legislation. It has published a plain English manual and a guide on drafting clear and simple legislation.

  • Center for Plain Language

    A non-profit organization that helps government agencies and businesses use plain language. The Center provides training and advocates for legislation promoting plain language. It also celebrates the best examples of plain language and design with ClearMark Awards. The worst examples are honoured with WTF (Work That Failed!) Awards.

  • Communication Research Institute of Australia

    An independent research organization that advocates for clear communication and information design. The Institute publishes research papers and sets standards for best practices.

  • Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales

    A foundation seeking to improve access to justice in New South Wales. It provides resources and guidelines for writing and useful guides to Australian law. The Foundation also publishes a monthly newsletter on plain language.

  • Legal Writing Institute

    A non-profit organization dedicated to improving legal communication. The Institute supports the development of teaching and academic resources. It also establishes forums to discuss the study, teaching, and practice of professional legal writing.

  • Plain English Campaign

    An independent advocacy group fighting for public information to be written in plain English. Its « crystal mark » is an accreditation attesting the clarity of a document. It appears on over 23,000 different documents around the world and is the only internationally-recognized mark of its kind. Also, the gobbledygook generator on the Plain English Campaign website is a treat.

  • Plain Language Action And Information Network (PLAIN)

    A community of federal employees from different agencies promoting the use of plain language for government communications. It provides training, information on plain language requirements and guidelines, and plenty of resources and examples to get you inspired.

  • Plain Language Association International

  • Plain Language Commission

    A UK-based editing business

    • We give detailed editing suggestions on draft consumer contracts such as bank and credit-card terms and conditions, and hire-purchase agreements. This may lead to accreditation of the documents with the Clear English Standard logo.

    • We base our suggestions on more than 40 years’ work in the field. We aim to reduce the readability level to the average that general readers can manage. We’re often commissioned by law firms and financial-services providers. We’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice.

    • We provide detailed comments on the individual written work of lawyers who attend legal-writing courses arranged by their firms.

    • Our books include the Oxford Guide to Plain English (#5, 2020); Lucid Law (2000); Clarifying Eurolaw (2001); Clarifying EC Regulations (2002), with Emma Wagner; Plain English Lexicon (#2, 2011).

    Contact points:; phone +44 (0) 1663 733177; email