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  • The Clarity Journal 82 September 2020

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    1. Plain language: It’s about access to justice
    2. Writing revolution: We need you!
    3. Notes from the road: Plain language editing of a court form
    4. Access to justice through clarity of legal language
    5. Improving access to criminal justice by rewriting the Belgian letter of rights
    6. Access to justice and the right to understand in Spain: Plain language in the administrative justice of Andalusia
    7. Plain language principles
    8. Usability testing results for legal icons Northwest Justice Project – a case study (available to non-members)
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  • The Clarity Journal 81 September 2020

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    In this issue :

    1. Access to justice requires plain language
    2. Do you understand your rights?
    3. Lawyers would like to write clearly, they just don’t have time
    4. Clarity in books on financial law: An author’s view
    5. Access to justice — “I did it my way”
    6. The value of plain language jury instructions in faciliating access to justice (accessible to non-members)
    7. Explaining rights to returning citizens
    8. Access starts with the precedent: Evaluating the language of leases
    9. Challenging resistance to plain language in the law
    10. Justice: Plain language in family law helps but it’s not enough (accessible to non-members)
    11. Legal self-reliance: Empowering consumers through plain language

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  • The Clarity Journal 80 June 2019

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    In this issue : 1. The contribution of design thinking to improve communications (accessible to non-members) 2. Rights under British Columbia’s Mental Health Act: Co-designing mental health rights information with patients 3. Does plain language only benefit the higher literate? Avoiding the Matthew-effect in plain language revisions (accessible to non-members) 4. Accelerating the shift to plain language within financial institutions 5. Legal drafting: Are there limits to what you can do with plain language? 6. Plain language law reform: Strategies to minimize the negative effects of statutory interpretation 7. Project Flavour: Plain language for the legal sector 8. Plain Finnish in the European Union: Mission possible?

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  • The Clarity Journal 79 June 2018

    In this issue : 1. An ISO Standard for Plain Language: the back story and the next steps, 2. Plain Language Standards: A way forward, 3. International standard for clarity — We bet this works for all languages, 4. Standards that could be applied across languages, 5. Thoughts about a plain language standard in a changing information world, 6. Plain design standards?, 7. Proposal of international plain language standards, 8. A plain language standard for Afrikaans

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  • The Clarity Journal 78 March 2018

    In this issue : 1. Sharing control of conflict: a proposal for transformation through plain language, 2. 140 characters of pure business gold, 3. Three steps towards creating a culture of writing excellence at your workplace, 4. Snapshots from the conference, 5. Access to written information: a social equity, social justice issue, 6. Accessibility or bamboozlement? The case for clarity in modern legislation, 7. Plain laws: what if there was a revolution and no one knew about it?, 8. 32 Blog post about the conference: Ploughing legal snowdrifts to make snowballs roll

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  • The Clarity Journal 77 February 2018

    In this issue : 1. Accessible justice—plain language points the way, 2. 13 Plain language writ large: “Macrosimplifying” forcompany-wide clarity, 3. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, 4. 20 Snapshots from the conference, 5. Consumers need plain language more than ever—but it’s time to rethink its role, 6. Beyond all reasonable doubt: the brand advantages of plain English contracts, 7. Blog post about the conference: 10 rules to writing clear legal language, 8. Review of Legal Usage: A Modern Style Guide

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  • The Clarity Journal 76 January 2018

    In this issue : 1. Plain language, citizens and the European Ombudsman, 2. Using plain language to protect consumers, 3. Transparent, clear & responsible communication project in BBVA, 4. Packing a punch: how a small charity put plain English on the national agend, 5. New writs are being served? From ceremony to pragmatism in a Dutch court summons, 6. Why use 50,000 words when 500 will do?, 7. A prescription for Clarity, 8. Toward an integrated framework for evaluating plain language, 9. Capital letters out, swearwords in: one journalist’s legacy

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  • The Clarity Journal 75 June 2017

    In this issue : 1. Notice me – communicating patient privacy rights through effective notices, 2. Moving beyond “Clear and Conspicuous” – the omnipresent but elusive standard for disclosures under U.S. consumer protection laws, 3. Moving beyond “Clear and Conspicuous” – the omnipresent but elusive standard for disclosures under U.S. consumer protection laws, 4. Disenfranchised by bad design, 5. From legalese to reader ease – plain language tips for plainer contracts, 6. What’s “The Deal”?: Designing mortgage disclosures that consumers can use and understand, 7. Consumer testing to avoid the Dodd-Frank Act’s UDAAP tripwire, 8. Legislative Drafting: Step-By-Step

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  • The Clarity Journal 74 January 2017

    In this issue : 1. Even lawyers want to understand: plain language increases lawyers’ credibility to both lawyers and laypeople, 2. Foxed and fined: how unclear contractual parking signs bamboozle motorists, 3. Lost in translation? A multidisciplinary approach onlegal issues in tax communication, 4. Contact strategies for statistical surveys and plain language: a difficult partnership, 5. The challenges of communicating the law to the public, 6. The source of bad writing, 7. Permanent clarity: achieving critical mass in government communications, 8. Putting the civility into NZ civil collections — a case, study on building plain language into court documents, 9. Using a holistic and user-centered design in simplifying a Philippine contract, 10. At the chalkface; challenges of teaching clear legal, writing to non-native English speakers, 11. The objectives do not meet the finalities. Learning to be clear in the Belgian Legal Sector, 12. You do not speak plainly alone, you speak plainly together

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  • The Clarity Journal 73 January 2015

    In this issue : 1. The architecture of clarity, 2. You think lawyers are good drafters?, 3. Recent developments in contract drafting techniques, 4. Setting up a local Clarity meeting, 5. Plainly in Polish, 6. Clear language awareness in language policy in Norway, 7. Communicating with Older People: Writing in plain English by Sarah Carr, 8. Clear & Concise – Become A Better Business Writer

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