Clarity welcomes new representative from Belgium

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photo Lydia Zunino

Lydia Zunino, a former Head of Legal Affairs with dual training in law and communications, has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between these two essential fields. As founder of Manufaktura Agency and as a legal design consultant for Droits Quotidiens Legal Design, she has been at the forefront of transforming complex legal documents into user-friendly, accessible materials for well-known private and public companies, ensuring that individuals can understand and exercise their legal rights effectively.

She has also played a pivotal role as a trainer and certified coach in the legal design domain, imparting her expertise to empower others to communicate more clearly within the legal sphere and to support change in the legal departements. Furthermore, she has contributed significantly as a writer and project manager for two books on legal design, one focusing on teleworking and the other on public procurement, further exemplifying my commitment to promoting clarity in the legal realm. 

She is also committed to ensuring that plain language and legal design become integral components of law studies, not only in France and Belgium but on a global scale. 

As part of her activities of her company Manufaktura, Lydia Zunino also develops tools and methods to improve communication and employability for young lawyers. She is in charge of Employability and Partnerships, and has been teaching for several years at law schools, business schools and universities in France and Canada.