The Clarity Journal 49

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In this issue :

  1. C Grose Giving users a central role
  2. T Workman Does it have to be a lawyer?
  3. R I Barrett A judicial response to plain language
  4. L Skelton How to be streetwise about the audience
  5. R Eagleson Bringing the audience to the fore
  6. P Chen The prudence of listening to the audience
  7. J Locke 9/11 Aftermath
  8. V Robinson Including drafters from the start
  9. N Campbell Why do banks write the way they do?
  10. M Saher The plaining of writers
  11. R Castle Some thoughts on lists
  12. S Stapely Physicians, heal yourselves
  13. D Revell, M Adler, R Eagleson Hereby