The Clarity Journal 50

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In this issue :

  1. R Scheer Dear Tony: a lesson in plain English
  2. Is plain language appropriate for well-educated and politically important people?
  3. M Hochhauser Compliance v Communication S Benjamin Words at work: a study
  4. J Kimble The elements of plain language
  5. C Staughton How do the courts interpret commercial contacts?
  6. R Eagleson Numbers: figures or words
  7. R Castle Relative clauses: the “that/which” debate
  8. P Knight on hereby
  9. R Eagleson Conjunctions in lists
  10. C Mowatt Clarity’s new look
  11. D Revell Words as numbers
  12. R Castle Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts, by James Kessler
  13. D Elliott Plain Language for Lawyers, by Michèle Asprey