The Clarity Journal 53

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In this issue :

  1. How the European Commission drafts legislation in 20 languages
  2. The European Central Bank’s approach to drafting legislation in 20 languages
  3. The effect of poorly written legislation in a bilingual legal system
  4. Producing multilingual legislation in Switzerland
  5. Linguistic oddities in European Union legislation: don’t shoot the translator
  6. Just fix the English
  7. plain language movement in Italy
  8. Canada’s multilingual plain language projects
  9. Legalese of biblical proportions: some observations on legal language in Israel
  10. Citizen’s Language: Plain language in Mexico
  11. Plain language in Spain
  12. Plain English in Asia
  13. Legal English in Japan: a translator’s perspective
  14. Plain English in Singapore: preparing the next generation of lawyers
  15. ASD simplified technical English
  16. A forensic test of a Pennsylvanian contract