The Clarity Journal 54

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In this issue :

  1. Thefounding of Clarity
  2. Master Class No. 2, Boulogne conference : Drafting fromscratch—three versions
  3. NoiseBill instructions and comments
  4. TroublesomeNoiseDisclosure Act
  5. Noise Act 2005
  6. Comments on the draft Bills
  7. Master Class No. 2, Boulogne conference: Revisory drafting—three revisions
  8. The revision that emerged from the project to “restyle” the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  9. Cleaning up the act: using plain English in legislation
  10. Testing—we need to do more, more often
  11. Plain language at the Regulator
  12. Whatreadability expert witnessesshould know