The Clarity Journal 55

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In this issue :

  1. Master class in English, for Clarity’s conference in Boulogne: writing the law in plain language— three versions
  2. Instructionsfor Queues Bill
  3. Queues Bill 2005
  4. Commentary and Queues Bill 2005
  5. Queues Bill 2005
  6. Drafting master classes: plain languagestyles are not consistent
  7. Introduction to theinternationalroundtable at the Fifth Plain Language Association INternational(PLAIN)Conference
  8. Plain language developmentsin Australia
  9. Plain language in the Senate of Chili
  10. Plain language in Spain
  11. What’s on in plain Swedish
  12. Recent plain-language progressin the U.K.
  13. Plain languagein the United States government
  14. Removing barriers to food stamp assistance— one complex form at a time
  15. Health literacy: the importance of clear communication for better health
  16. Making things clear: how we are winning— 6 strategies and themesto our work
  17. You can fix your own English
  18. Technical jargon: an approach, an idea and an offering
  19. Taking an overview: three rules of thumb