The Clarity Journal 56

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In this issue :

  1. A retrospect for Clarity
  2. Plain language in the UK
  3. Plain language in Scottish legislation
  4. Plain legal language in the English courts
  5. Plain language, the “Better Law-Making Charter” and some UK developments
  6. Plain English revolution officially announced
  7. Clarity for South Africa’s credit consumers
  8. Implementing plain language at Mallesons
  9. Evolution of an easy-to-understand financial privacy notice
  10. Two items from the US
  11. Improving financial disclosure for individual investors
  12. Legislative update: Plain language and government accountability office regulation review
  13. Understanding barristers’ opinions: a discourse analytical perspective
  14. Plain language: a survey by Sydney law students
  15. Plain language in legal agreements: is it safe?
  16. Linguistic lingo for lawyers—‘person’ and other grammitical terms for personal pronoun forms in English
  17. The importance of punctuation
  18. Drafting tips—recasting a document