The Clarity Journal 57

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In this issue :

  1. Opening speech at the conference for the launch of New Zealand’s WriteMark plain English awards
  2. Judicial attitudes to plain language and the law
  3. Clarity member receives the Burton Award
  4. Lord David Renton
  5. Introductory editorial for the seminar in print
  6. Linguistic nasties and niceties: Who should we pander to? Or to whom should we pander?
  7. A rant in favour of empathy and against relativism: the impact of grammar, punctuation and usage on clarity
  8. House style—whose style is it?
  9. Editing judgments: lessons learned in law reporting
  10. The continuing insult to the language
  11. Punctuation
  12. Letter to the editor
  13. Improving our writing by understanding how people read personally addressed household mail
  14. A redrafting exercise
  15. Clarity for Lawyers—Effective Legal Writing