The Clarity Journal 59

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In this issue :

  1. The building blocks on Wessel’s website: the Amsterdam challenge
  2. Setting the standard: some steps toward a plain language profession
  3. Strong, cautious support: Clarity’s position on standards and accreditation
  4. International plain language standards— the view from the Center for Plain Language
  5. Writing by numbers: are readability formulas to clarity what karaoke is to song?
  6. Some thoughts on standards
  7. Towards a plain lingua franca for India
  8. Getting a grip on plain language
  9. The Dutch Constitution in plain language
  10. Plain Portuguese, the new member of the plain language family
  11. Clear language: the municipal challenge
  12. Best practices: key features of the City’s new staff report design
  13. Plain-language changes to the City of Toronto’s procedures by law
  14. 2 continents + 2 approaches + 1 vision = effective government communication
  15. Tools and techniques for working with subject matter experts to create plain language manuals
  16. A national organization of physicians embraces plain language: a case study and what we learned
  17. Certified plain-language consultants already exist in Sweden
  18. Linguistic lingo for lawyers—word classes