The Clarity Journal 68

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In this issue :

  1. Clarity 2012 opening address
  2. The story of “shall”: a parable of plain language
  3. Reflections of a plain-language legislative drafter
  4. Plain language in the financial world
  5. The IC clear project
  6. Plain language and the role of the visual
  7. Plain language laws in Australia
  8. Plain language laws in the Netherlands
  9. The US Plain Writing Act of 2010
  10. The rewriting of a statute—a case study
  11. The Swedish approach to clear legislation
  12. The risks and challenges of fostering plain language in Mexico
  13. Norway’s never ending story: improving the language in laws and regulations
  14. Simple is smart, smart is fast
  15. Plain language in the new Finnish model for effective legislative drafting