The Clarity Journal 69

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In this issue :

  1. Trying to change the institutional culture:
    the European Commission’s clear writing campaign
  2. Start a plain language program at your organization
  3. USCIS plain language program
  4. Striving for clarity: the General Service Administration’s steps towards plain language
  5. The IRS and plain writing—challenges and accomplishments for a taxing situation
  6. Texas pattern jury charges—plain language revisions
  7. A study into best practice community legal information—a summary
  8. The challenges of plain language legal information in various media
  9. Empowering individuals to understand and engage
  10. You have the right to remain baffled: plain language and criminal justice
  11. Mobile technology and plain language—a match made in heaven
  12. Consumer testing and the development of TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures
  13. Plain language and statutory drafting: a Stark contrast
  14. Wrong—again—about plain language
  15. Draft of the Clarity Constitution