The Clarity Journal 74

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In this issue :

  1. Even lawyers want to understand: plain language increases lawyers’ credibility to both lawyers and laypeople,
  2. Foxed and fined: how unclear contractual parking signs bamboozle motorists,
  3. Lost in translation? A multidisciplinary approach on legal issues in tax communication,
  4. Contact strategies for statistical surveys and plain language: a difficult partnership,
  5. The challenges of communicating the law to the public,
  6. The source of bad writing,
  7. Permanent clarity: achieving critical mass in government communications,
  8. Putting the civility into NZ civil collections — a case, study on building plain language into court documents,
  9. Using a holistic and user-centered design in simplifying a Philippine contract,
  10. At the chalkface; challenges of teaching clear legal, writing to non-native English speakers,
  11. The objectives do not meet the finalities. Learning to be clear in the Belgian Legal Sector,
  12. You do not speak plainly alone, you speak plainly together