Lynda Harris

Lynda Harris Write Ltd (NZ)

Lynda is founder of Write Limited, New Zealand’s leading plain English communications company. Write’s main focus is helping government, commercial, and professional organiza- tions get more value from their daily investment in business communication.

Lynda established the WriteMark, New Zealand’s document quality mark, and is the author of Rewrite

— how to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit. She is the founder of New Zealand’s annual Plain English Awards and has been a guest judge for the US ClearMark Awards.

In 2015 Lynda was awarded the Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award — an international award rec- ognizing an outstanding contribution to advancing the cause of plain language.

Lynda is the New Zealand representative for Clarity International and a member of the International Plain Language Federation’s working group on developing plain language standards.